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WineBlueBook (formerly QPRwines) is a wine buying guide that groups the major critics' average wine ratings, then lists them by price to determine overall value the Quality Price Ratio for wine.

WineBlueBook is published monthly (delivered via email) and profiles the wines scored the previous month by the major wine critics.

Here is how it works...

WineBlueBook Page 1

The front page shows table of contents as well as some wine value highlights...

Section 2...Outstanding and Great Value Wines

WineBlueBook Page 2

Section 2 shows the "Outstanding and Great Value Wines" (wines that are 50% below the average price for a similar scoring wine).

  • The Score is the average score given to that wine by the wine critics (if one wine critic scores the wine 92 and another scores the same wine 90, the average is 91).
  • The Price is the average low street price for that wine.
  • The Availability is how easy it is to find the wine in the marketplace and the "Quality Index" is the percent of the average price for that wine (the lower precent the better value).
So the first wine "2004 Leonetti, Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla Valley" received an average score of 94 points and sells for $80. The average price of a 94 rated Cabernet Sauvignon is $220 therefore $80 is 36% of the $220 average price.

Section 3...All the wines scored

WineBlueBook Page 3

Section 3 shows all the wines scored the previous month by the wine critics. Above details the Australian Shiraz, German Riesling and part of the Red Burgundy wines scored in September 2007. In the October issue, 580 wines were profiled in 12 pages. In the November issue, 1,068 wines were profiled in 23 pages and the December issue profiled 1,108 wines.

WineBlueBook lists the price you should pay for the wine and at that price, what value it represents. Whatever your wine budget, WineBlueBook helps you buy more wine with less money and discover new favorites. And since the wines profiled were scored the previous month, the timely information almost insures you will be able to purchase the wines before they are sold out.

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