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Issue 27: 2001-2003 West Coast Zinfandel
Issue 28: 1999-2001 Tuscan Sangiovese
Issue 29: 1999-2001 Piedmont Reds
Issue 30: 2002-2005 Sauvignon Blanc
Issue 31: 2001-2004 West Coast Syrah
Issue 32: 2001-2003 Southern Red Rhone
Issue 33: 2001-2004 White Burgundy
Issue 34: 2001-2004 Red Burgundy

Issue 35: 2000-2004 Bordeaux
Issue 36: Vintage and Non-Vintage Champagne
Issue 37: 2001-2004 Pinot Noir
Issue 38: 2001-2004 Chardonnay
Issue 39: Vintage and Non-Vintage Port
Issue 40: 2002-2005 German Riesling
Issue 41: 2001-2004 Australian Shiraz
Issue 42: 2000-2004 West Coast Cabernet Sauvignon
Issue 43: 2000-2004 West Coast Merlot
Issue 44: 2001-2005 West Coast Zinfandel
Issue 45: October 2007

Which is the better value?
WineBlueBook can tell you.

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Both are 2003 Pinot Noirs with an average 93 wine rating. Which is the better value? WineBlueBook will tell you. Click here to Get the full sample issue profiling 508 wines scored in September 2007 free.

WineBlueBook is a convenient wine buying guide that groups the major critics' average wine ratings, then lists them by price to determine overall value for the wine.

WineBlueBook is published 12 times a year (delivered via email) and answers the question "Is a wine rating of 90 for a 2003 Australian Shiraz a good value for $30?"

Each issue reviews the wines scored the previous month by the wine critics. Get the October issue free by entering your email address in the box to the above left.


How is the value number determined?
The value is determined by taking the average retail price of a wine with a given score and dividing it by the average retail price for all wines with that score. If the average value = 100%, then anything below that represents a better value. Anything above, not so good.

How do you use WineBlueBook?
For any given score, the best value wine appears at the top. The average price for that score appears at the bottom.

A note about wine scores
Do scores matter? Yes. But no more than personal taste. So why care about scores? Because scores drive prices. And in the absence of personal experience, you must weigh quality (scores) against price to make purchase decisions. WineBlueBook give you an objective tool for doing just that.

National Media Features WineBlueBook
Food and Wine Magazine features WineBlueBookWineBlueBook has been mentioned in Food&Wine Magazine (October 2004), talked about on MSNBC (October 28, 2004), raved about in the Los Angeles Times (December 8, 2004)
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