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West Coast Zinfandel Issue (February 2010 Special Issue)

WineBlueBook (formerly QPRwines) is a wine buying guide that compares wine ratings and price to determine value.

This Special Summary Issue covers West Coast Zinfandel wines. Updated West Coast Zinfandel wines, scores and prices in this issue shows the "Average Price per Score" from 2004-2007 wines scored by at least two of the major wine critics and available for sale in the US.

At the high scoring end, the 2005 Ravenswood, Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley Teldeschi received an average score of 93 points and at $26 is 47% of the average cost of a similar scoring West Coast Zinfandel, earning it a Great Value moniker.

At the low price point of $9, the 2004 Rancho Zabaco, Zinfandel California Dancing Bull received an average score of 87 and is 36% of the average $25 cost of a similar scoring West Coast Zinfandel, a Great Value.

A total of 1,683 West Coast Zinfandel wines are profiled in this issue.

WineBlueBook has ceased publishing as of September 2012. It took too much time for too little subscriber revenue. We thank all the subscribers and are offering full refunds for all unsent issues. See your email from WineBlueBook.com for details.

Buying guide compares West Coast Zinfandel ratings and price to determine value.

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